06/08/2023- Security/Crime Community Zoom Meeting

A Crime and Security Meeting was scheduled with our Community Peace Officer Ramon Silva.

He gave out some really good information and was able to answer question from the homeowners in attendance.

Officer Silva expressed the importance of calling the police and report any/or all criminal activities. He also explained what happens when you don’t report any/all criminal activities. Basically, they do not know you have an issue in your community if you don’t report it.

The police department will pull reports of the 911 calls that come in and the areas those calls are coming from. They will target those areas and drive out the criminal activity. Right now their target areas are Alvernon & Broadway and up to Alvernon and Grant, Speedway and Craycroft is another area they are targeting. This will cause those criminals into other close by neighborhoods. There are several ways to report criminal activity, you can call 911, 311, file a report on line or go to a nearby police station. Make sure to get as much detail as possible, clothing, tattoos, color of hair, what were they driving/riding or were they walking. Description of cars and license plate numbers and what direction did they go and/or come from.

Cameras are a good deterrent. There are several different kinds so be sure to do some research. Officer Silva said it is best to get cameras that record so the police can review the video.

Dogs are another great deterrent, they will alert you to something going on outside.

If you go away on vacation or even if you are coming home late, put your lights on a timer and maybe a TV or radio playing. Inform a neighbor or friend you can trust so they can check on things at your home often.

Outside lights! Please do an inspection, if your light is out please get it fixed. You may also want to install flood lights for your backyard but please make sure they are not shining in your neighbors windows! There are hard wired ones or solar spotlights as well.

Keep records of your electronics, weapons and/or any other valuables. Make a record of all serial numbers, if something is stolen and  they take it to the pawn shop, the pawn shop will alert the police and hopefully they can catch the thief. The serial numbers are also posted nationwide so even if someone was to pawn something in California, the Tucson police will be alerted. Keeping photos of your valuables will also help.

Report graffiti! The graffiti hotline will come out and remove graffiti IF it is visible from the street, if  the graffiti is only visible to us and the neighboring association, we will have to clean it up ourselves. This also needs to be reported to the police so take pictures, they may recognize the markings.

This is a new handout for homeowners with ways to report issues in the community:

Helpful Links/Information


05/29/2023- Security/Crime Update – Trespass incident
At around 12:45am – 1:00am, A Creekside Resident let her dog out in the yard. 

At around 12:45 – 1:00am on the early morning of May 29th 2023, a Creekside resident let her dog out in the yard. The dog was immediately on high alert and agitated.  The dog ran to the front gate and then down the side of the home to the back yard and went crazy with serious barking.  The homeowner went to see if maybe it was a bobcat or other animal in the yard. Halfway down the side of the house, the homeowner noticed one set of security lights were on. Instead of finding an animal in the yard, The homeowner found a man tucked in behind an arbor, sitting down and hiding near a potted small tree.  He was wearing a white t-shirt and his head was shaved. The homeowner yelled at him and then ran back inside to call 911.  The dog was continuing her stance all while 911 was called and the police were on the way.  The police arrived, lit up the yard and found the man in my yard.  The police asked him to come out the way he got in so he walked to the back yard and calmly climbed over the back gate (grill) with ease.  Where he was sitting was in the dead zone between two security, motion sensing lights so he knew where to hide and not set off the lights. He gave the police a seemingly made up story about maybe being at the wrong house and coming to visit someone.  There was no way to know how long he had been out there in the yard.  The homeowner pressed charges for criminal trespass. It is so important to file a report so the police are aware of what is going on in our community.  

The police officer was surprised to hear the call come in from our community because we don’t usually have issues like this.  That being said, we now do have such a problem and I want to make sure all of our homeowners keep an eye out for any people who do not belong in our neighborhood and call the police and report anything worrisome.  They urged me to stress that to all our residents.

Currently, the Tucson Police are going after crime in midtown but as they do the crime can migrate to other communities bordering those they are working in.

I, like all of you, really enjoy living here in Creekside but the area is changing and we need to be very aware of our surroundings and do all we can to protect ourselves and others.

07/08/2020- Cactus Theft UPDATE
In late 2019 the Association experienced a theft of several cacti within the community. With quick action getting flyers to residents and a copy to local authorities, the vehicle and trailer was identified. This matter is currently being handled by law enforcement. We will notify homeowners if there are any updates regarding this matter.

03/16/20- Security Information from Annual Meeting with Lt. Brady
Tucson Police Department
Emergencies call 9-1-1
Non-emergencies (520) 791-4444
Lt. James Brady- [email protected]
Kara Curtis- [email protected]
General E-mail- [email protected]
Home Security Information: 
-It is good to know and look out for your neighbors
-Ensure shrubbery is trimmed so it doesn't cover any doors or
-Install deadbolts on external doors of your home
-Properly secure all means of entry including siliding glass doors, skylights, and basement windows
-Utilize door and window locks even when working in the yard, running an errand or just being in the house
-Do not hide keys outside the house
-Ensure your children know not to open the door to strangers and not to give your address to strangers over the telephone
-Alert a neighbor when you'll be aware from home for more than a day

Steps you can take to decrease the likelihood you or your home is targeted:
-Exterior doors have deadbolt locks with a 1-inch throw
-Doors are solid hardwood or metal-clad
-Doors feature wide-angle peep-holes with at least a 180 degree angle
-All exterior doors have security strike-plates with at least four or more 3-inch screws
-Spare keys are kept with a family member or trusted neighbor, not under a doormat or planter
-The door leading from the attached garage to the house is solid wood or metal clad and protected with a quality keyed door lock and dead-bolt
-The overhead garage door has a lock so that you do not rely solely on the automatic door opener
-Garage doors are closed when not in active use
-Sliding glass doors have an anti-lift device or plate with an additional locking device
-The sliding door is locked every night and each time you leave the house
Outdoor Security
-Do not leave a front porch or carport light on all night.
-Ensure back gates are secured
-Ensure the circuit box is secured
-Gate latches, garage doors and shed doors are all locked with high security laminated padlocks
-Grills, lawn movers and the valuables are stored in a locked garage or shed.
-Every bicycle is secured with a U-bar or quality padlock and chain
-Bikes are always locked, inside or out of sight
-Home inventory is up to date including photographs


As many of you know, Monday night, November 11th, 2019 around 11:00pm there were two men driving an SUV with a trailer through the community and stole many cacti throughout the entire Association. This is one of many incidents that has occurred over the last year.

Police have been notified and the Board of Directors is working with the department to hopefully solve this crime. Thankfully, a homeowner with an installed security camera was able to capture video of the theft but unfortunately not a license plate of the vehicle.

Different security measures are being pursued and researched by the Board of Directors to determine what is best for the Association. Although we are unable to share the full video, we have included a still-shot from the video below. If you have any information on this vehicle or if you see this vehicle in the community, please obtain the license plate number, if possible and contact 911 immediately. The Board is also working with the landscaper to add plants back into the community.  

We will post updates as information becomes available.